Yabbit cartoon

In Memory, Joan Aileen Holt.

The late Joan Holt, a wonderful woman and Australian artist never had an exhibition in her lifetime because she did not consider herself ready, suggesting maybe in her 80's and 90's she might be. Unfortunately cancer struck in her mid 70's and so it was not meant to be. However Joan left behind a large collection of work in an old dusty farm shed which her daughter cleaned up, compiled and saved for posterity. All of it is now digitally recorded and saved to this site.

It is hoped a home will one day be found for this great body of work, mainly made up of portraits, and that her daughter Charlotte Bunt, may find interested parties willing to further this legacy for all to share.

Two ways of raising much needed funds to exhibit are already in action. A book about the artist is for sale in the shop and you can also buy digital portraits from Charlotte by donation..that is computerised vector art created from photographs by hand. If you are thinking of unusual and personalised gifts for Christmas while supporting this great legacy please do make contact, you will be very warmly received.